Wednesday Linkday August 1, 2012

Wednesday Linkday August 1, 2012

Good morning, everyone! Being Wednesday, it’s time for this week’s Link Day. Please share a link with the group that think will be especially helpful for them and their business.

I’ll start by sharing this link from a Copyblogger post. I find it inspiring and thought provoking. I hope you do, too.

Rebekah That’s amazing

Richard Lewis In my first USCF sanctioned race, it was a 4 mile circuit we had to repeat 4 times. 1 mile straight up the side of a steep mountain, 1 mile across just below the summit & a mile back down. At the bottom we were going 55 miles per hour with a 45 degree hairpin turn with gravel, an ambulance & a guy waiving airplane flags to caution us & direct us. Every body screamed “Don’t Brake” every time we hit that turn. If any one of us were to change our speed the entire pack would wreck. We had to work together or very few of us would make it to the finish. In the last 1 mile stretch I was neck & neck with the guy that won the year before. We had pretty much rode the entire 16 mile race together. It was my first race & he showed me the ropes without showing mercy in the competition. The last thing he said to me before I pulled away was “I don’t think I can sprint, The only way to know how you will do during the racing season is how well you trained.” With that I had trained to sprint the last half mile & that was what I was going to do. I passed a few other guys, gritted my teeth & cracked a tooth but I finished at top speed & the training paid off. I finished 14th out of 37 if I remember correctly. When I think back about it I remember that Hairpin turn & His words & that’s what I got out of that race, finishing was my reward.

Melissa SUCH a great article- Thank you again Marilyn! It’s so great to have affirmation for all the work I’m doing BEFORE I open up my business, doing as much research in as many different ways as I can to be very prepared. I have an aunt who ran 40 marathons before she was 40, and that was a woman who had started out doing them later in life, due to influence from my beautiful uncle, to whom she is still married. My dad is also a retired Marine, so I have such respect for athletes in any form and the amount of dedication it takes to be truly the best.

I’m truly blessed to have been brought up by the Corp’s principles: Honor Courage Commitment, its served me very well. 🙂

Marilyn What a story, Richard! You are definitely a role model for going the distance. Your story fits perfectly into this blog post. I’m glad people have found it as inspirational and enlightening as I have done.

Richard OK I watched it a 3rd time with the 11 year old boy next door who just started football. I explained to him that winning is not getting first place & being in the limelight. Winning is obtaining achievable goals you set for yourself.

Valerie I worked with an Ironman years ago and he taught a group of us how to run during our lunch break.

Marilyn I would have loved that! Actually, I’d love to learn how to race walk. I’m not sure that is even an Olympic event anymore.

Valerie Marilyn – If you can hula 5 rings you can start a new Hula Olympics.

Marilyn Thanks, Kimba. I like how you integrate social into the whole marketing strategy and then break it down month by month.

Miller  Nice video Kimba. But I have a question about editorial calendars. You mentioned about it being OK that a link is months old, but the clients of my clients are expecting new, up-to-date information. A week old, OK, but not much older than that. Also, my other issue with editorial calendars – and I’ve heard about calendars from many other sources, so please don’t think I’m harping on you — is that with the calendar set up to discuss one topic per month, you could end up losing those fans/followers who are not interested in that topic. So when they see the same type of info related to that topic day after day for 30 days, they could get bored and walk away, perhaps never to be seen again. I think a mixed bag of posts keeps it interesting, offering something for everybody. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.

Brad I’m not Kimba (clearly) but editorial calendars can serve important purposes. The nature of your business will determine how completely that calendar describes your content, whether it’s a strong spine with few offshoots or whether it’s a defining thread/theme with widely varying topics.

Obviously, these came out of print publishing, and if one does not apply the flexibility of the new medium, then the results as you point out Miller will seem as outdated as some of the publications the tools came from. Still, used correctly, they not only focus efforts but also spur results.

An editorial calendar can highlight holes in content scheduling, can be used to reshuffle when things are dynamic, can keep you from *unintentionally* repeating yourself, can capture (and codify) ideas when they occur even if implementing them in content isn’t appropriate at the time, and can wrap a short- or medium-term purpose around efforts spent.

(Semi-rhetorically) Would you go around regularly dropping in for unscheduled meetings with prospects or *always* rely on the muse of the day to tell you what your topic should be? Flexibility is good but general plans allow you to get more done expending less stress and effort. The granularity of an editorial calendar should be tailored to each site and its particular goals, but it can be a critical part of that “plan”.

Kimba What Brad said! Guidelines is what an editorial calendar gives you. In reference to the age of information…If you are writing about technology then of course the info needs to be new. Writing about soft skills you can always use any information from any time. Our soft skills really don’t change; it is how we apply them that changes. You can also just use the order posts you find for guidance or just reference.

Don’t be stuck with try to find the latest and greatest because that is what everyone is writing about. Give it a twist, your twist.

Miller General or soft skills definitely can be taken from any time frame, but I have CPAs and medical researchers that require hyper-current info. For my own social media work, yes, it can be planned for marketing, business, and social media topics, and then throw in the new platform changes or new info as it arises. Thanks to you both, Kimba Green and Brad Brighton for your input. 🙂

Brad ‎Miller, for the kind of environment you describe, the editorial calendar may wind up being more of a reminder calendar (but more integrated with your publishing platform). “Make CPA post today” kind of entries (“vertical” rather than topic, perhaps), to just help ensure posts/entries *do* get made regularly. It’s just a tool though, so if you have alternate approaches that fit your workflow better, that’s the more essential part, IMO.

Miller My Hootsuite dashboard is an excellent tool for seeing what’s scheduled and how full or empty the pipeline is.

Brad Then you’re already using an editorial calendar. 😉 The right tool for the job, and that varies by environment…

Ruth Hope you find my latest post helpful. Is anyone reading your blog? 10 tips to optimize Blog Posts for Search.

Veronica This is very useful information.

Richard Nice article – It always comes down to content, frequency & patience to see results.

Marilyn Yes. Thanks, Veronica, for sharing this article. At one time, there was a lot of dubious practices under the title of SEO. This seems to be a day for putting perspective on our businesses and social media. With that in mind, I’d like to share one more link:

Melissa Thanks for that Marilyn. So true. I have had some great business advice for owning your own business- everything is your fault. Not in the negative sense, but in the sense that you don’t push the fault onto other people for a situation, but that you ask yourself what you could have done differently to change the situation.

Not always easy- but I love this example for it. 🙂 Sometimes you need to step back and evaluate.

Susan My link for today is this video from YouTube. I found this so helpful. It is about how to handle criticism and self doubt. I don’t know if this is something anyone else deals with. It is so different owning your own business because all of a sudden you don’t have a boss or a company telling you what a great job you are doing. All those self doubts start coming in and all you have to go on is your clients opinions. If I send out a photo session and I don’t immediately hear back from a client all these negative thoughts start coming in. Oh they don’t like the photos etc. When it is just they are busy and haven’t seen it yet. I really think this video has helped me. It is pretty long but well worth watching if you suffer from self doubt. I really like what she has to say about internet criticism. I feel this is a huge problem. People online are cruel and vicious.

Richard I came across this & found it very comical but yet put it all into perspective.
It’s just 5 minutes of humor.

Kimba I have to share my own link because it is about a great new platform!


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